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Audrey Masitsa, My Style

What I Wore: Zipper Front Pencil Skirt + Animal Print Vest

 I was once told that wearing black and brown was a fashion faux pas. Whoever came up with that rule had clearly not seen how good animal prints, specifically leopard prints, look.
I have always wanted to add a few animal print pieces in my closet. Over the last couple of months, I have managed to get two animal print tops. This vest is one of them. I am hoping to get a pair of animal print flats then I think momma will be set. I like to pair statement pieces or prints with black so that they can stand out and that was no different here. I wore my treasured leopard print vest with a black pencil skirt with an exposed zip. I love exposed zips! They add so much detail to clothes, making simple pieces unique. For accessories, I opted for gold loop earrings, a gold ring, a black beaded necklace and tan Mary-Janes.

Outfit Details: Top: Thrifted (Gikomba Market); Skirt: Botique i2s; Shoes: Bus Station, Nairobi; Earrings: Dubois Street, Nairobi; Necklace and Ring: gift

 This outfit truly embodies my resolution to put more effort into my dressing. My go-to outfits always involve denim and a t-shirt but there are times that call for something a bit more dressy. I have found that since my work involves helping people fix their closets, I have to at least try to appear put together.

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  1. Tout Sur l'Afrique

    Zipper skirts are so hot, I think they are just perfect and versatile. You can determine how high or low you want to keep the zipper.
    Lovely post.

  2. Wangu @ Pine Cone Shelf

    Great look for the office.. Love the pencil skirt and the zip detail..

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