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What I wore: Winter layers

What I wore: Winter layers

What determines your outfit of the day? There are many factors that could contribute to this decision including the weather and activities of the day. These are at the core of how I dress on a day to day basis, including how I’m feeling.

A few months ago, I shared that I had fallen out of love with my clothes and had been struggling to put outfits together. But after taking a step back and evaluating my needs, I realized that I had outgrown my closet and my style had changed. So I needed a wardrobe revamp to reflect who I am now and not past Audrey. I’m slowly redoing my closet now, and I must say that I’m loving it and the evolution.

On to today’s outfit. The cold in Nairobi has refused to let up. Granted, we do have days that are warmer and I revel in these, taking the opportunity to thaw out a bit. However, the cold days are cold!

To keep warm, I opted to buy some knitted turtlenecks and I’m loving the endless possibilities these are giving my wardrobe. I’m now better able to put on my summer wardrobe all through the winter and also reduce the need to shop for a whole other wardrobe that will make getting dressed in the colder weather easier.

I layered this white pin-striped dress with a chocolate brown turtleneck, and a t-shirt underneath. I added black stockings and tan boots and a sweater. 

How are you coping with the uncertain weather in Nairobi?

audrey masitsa

audrey masitsa

audrey masitsa

audrey masitsa

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