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Fashion, My Style

What I wore: Wide-leg trousers, a new fave!

What I wore: Wide-leg trousers, a new fave!

Happy new month!

I have to say it again, I’m really loving getting dressed at the moment 😀

Some time ago I shared how I’d been struggling with body positivity and that took away my love for fashion and getting dressed. My go-to became jeans and a t-shirt because that was what could fit me at that time. (Bear in mind that I had refused to buy any new clothes simply because I didn’t want to incur an additional cost so I decided to make do with what I had on hand)

I honestly thought that that was the end of my love for fashion and style and had seriously considered shutting down this whole segment of my blog. 

Fast-track to 2023 and I am so happy to report that my clothes are fitting much better now and it’s fun to shop my wardrobe and rediscover some old favourites.

Have you fallen in love with wide-leg trousers, in all their different styles? Have you joined the 90s style (baggy trousers and fitted tops) bandwagon yet? Just yesterday I thought to myself that I’d really love some baggy jeans or cargo pants, something utilitarian that I can pair with some of my fitted tops. 

To cut the rambling short, this outfit took me to a happy place and I just thought I’d share it with you. Do let me know what you think of the baggy trousers trend?




Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a fantastic month of March!

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Fashion, My Style

What I wore: Wide-leg trousers, a new fave!

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