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What I wore: Thigh-high boots over denim

What I wore: Thigh-high boots over denim

By now you might have guessed that I gravitate towards comfort whenever I put an outfit together. Comfort for me in this instance is stretch jeans, or jeggings, a t-shirt, preferably cotton, and some cover up of some kind. Although I love heels, I wear more flats and sneakers. But when it comes to boots, with the exception of a choice few, I like them to have some sort of heel because I find that my legs look better in heeled boots.

Today’s outfit is another of my comfortable, stay/work from home, cold-weather outfits. These are my favourite black jeans but I think I’ve worn them so much that they’ve started to lose their blackness. In this particular outfit, I loved how it allowed the colours in my sweater to pop.

I styled this outfit around these grey boots, which I last styled with a maxi dress. I couldn’t help but notice how they picked up the grey colour in my sweater.


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