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What I wore: Styling oxfords

What I wore: Styling oxfords

Allow me to preface this post by saying that oxfords are some of the best shoes that have ever been designed.

Over the last year or so I’ve noticed that my style has been evolving. My first priority has always been comfort and now more than ever, I’m looking for comfortable, stylish pieces that pair well together and that bring me joy.

For starters, I opted for sneakers, which hold a special place in my heart. But then, as time went on, I felt that I needed smarter shoes for those moments when I wanted to dress up but didn’t want to wear heels.

Oxfords provided the solution to my problem. I love the pointy toe, the almost patent leather look of the shoes and the general comfort.

I’ve worn these shoes numerous times since I bought them. They pair well with dresses and trousers, smartening every look with their mere presence.

audrey masitsa styling oxfords

I particularly liked this outfit and had to share it with you. This is one of those night-out dresses styled for during the day. I promise that no walk of shame was involved, haha! It was simply a matter of nothing fits me anymore.

The mustard yellow sweater added a pop of colour and the stockings helped keep me warm (these photos were taken on one of those chilly days in August).

Have you noticed a change in your style preferences lately? What styles are you gravitating towards?

audrey masitsa styling oxfords

Thank you for stopping by.

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