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What I Wore: Orange Linen for Winter

What I Wore: Orange Linen for Winter

The weather in Nairobi has been mostly cold and I’ve been struggling with getting creative with my outfits. I was looking through my closet, trying to put outfits together and all I could see was the gaps I had. There are some chunky boots that I know would help elevate many of my outfits. But I’m yet to buy them (they’re not in the budget right now, haha!). So for now I’m trying to make things work.

Getting dressed during the cold season calls for creativity and layers! I’m also trying to add in more colour and details through prints and graphics. I bought these orange linen trousers in the summer when I couldn’t wear jeans. And then I lost weight and couldn’t wear them. As the weather turned and it got colder, I was looking to add more colour in my closet and remembered these trousers. When I tried them on, they fit and I couldn’t wait to style them up.

Since linen is a summer fabric, it’s light and breezy perfect for the heat, I had to add layers to make it cold weather-appropriate so I wore a pair of stockings underneath. I added this simple black sweater with the embroidered flowers which I felt added a bit more detail to the outfit.

My black sneakers and knitted scarf completed my outfit.

How are you coping with the biting cold in Nairobi? What are you wearing?

audrey masitsa fashion blogger

audrey masitsa fashion blogger

audrey masitsa fashion blogger

audrey masitsa fashion blogger

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