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WHAT I WORE: Nairobi Designers’ Forum

Hi all. I hope you had a good weekend.

I’ve had the busiest weekend in a long time. But I’m not complaining. I’ve come to discover that when I throw myself into my work, I do it better and I don’t stress about anything.
Yellow maxi dress, embellished sweater, and  mum’s leg.
 On Saturday I attended the Nairobi Designers Forum hosted by Kipawa Creatives. The forum was organized to bring together people in the different arts so that we can learn about each other’s endeavours and learn a few things from each other.

 I wore my yellow maxi dress which I am totally in love with. I previously wore it here. I paired it with my embellished purple sweater and brown/nude pumps.

I like to think of brown as another neutral together with black, white, grey and blue. That was the reasoning behind my choice of accessories. 
These heels were love at first sight. I had gone to the market to get my mum some shoes and I spotted these, tried them on and they were a perfect fit. That plus the reasonable length of the heel and the fact that it’s wide just reemphasized my love for the shoes. I bought them without a second thought.

Many things came up during the forum and I made some new friends which was exciting. But what stuck with me was that God has given us talents and when we die He will ask for an account of what we did with what he had given us. I also decided it is time to make my plans realities. Enough planning. I don’t want to waste any more time with people who are holding me back.

i2s Extras…
Here are some photos from the event.
Kipawa Creations

First Session
Some of the participants of the forum

Session on starting a business
Session on Marketing

Are you into arts and you’re wondering how to use your talent as a source of livelihood and not just as a hobby??

Happy Monday!!!

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  1. Unknown

    Hi, just discovered your blog. I like your dress. Do you mind if we follow each other?

  2. Shen Dove

    What a great maxi dress@=!

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