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What I wore: Feminine silhouettes

What I wore: Feminine silhouettes
Over the years, I’ve noticed that my personal style has evolved. Apart from my preference for comfort, I’ve learned to love more feminine pieces, so much so that I now prefer dresses over trousers. Maybe this has to do with the fact that it is blistering hot right now and just the thought of putting on a constricting pair of jeans at the moment makes me feel like I will melt. Or, I’ve been influenced, haha! You see, baby girl loves herself a dress or two. So she might have had a hand in getting me to wear more dresses than trousers.
Anyway, my preferred silhouette when it comes to dresses is bodycon or a-line/skater-style. They’re super easy to style, in formal or casual shoes, and can be worn for every occasion from the office, to lunch with the girls to a night out.
This dress checks all those boxes. Although I tend to wear it for smarter functions, I can see myself dressing it down should the need arise. I’d like to say that styling it like a skirt like I did here was intentional but it was cold when I wore this (and took these photos) so the cream coat had to make an appearance.
The black heels were the simplest shoes I had that would allow this dress to shine through. I felt the deep black colour contrasted well with the lighter peach and cream colours of the rest of the outfit.
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