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What I Wore | Feminine Pieces

Some days ago I watched a YouTube video that inspired me to push myself a bit more. I can’t remember what the video was all about but I remember the vlogger saying that you should create more than you consume. That what we consume should serve to inspire us to create more. 
Ever since I watched that video, I have been asking myself why I don’t create as much as I used to. I feel like I have let my creativity slide and half the time I feel disappointed in myself for slacking. Granted, life has been tough on me over the last couple of years and this has had a domino effect on different aspects of my life. I would love to get to a point where the happenings in life don’t have such an effect on me but that is a work in progress. 
I’ve been trying to push my creativity through my choice of outfits. Most days I gravitate towards my comfortable jeggings and a t-shirt but on other days I actually make an effort to put together two pieces that I would not ordinarily wear together.

I love this dress. It’s so feminine and makes me feel like a little girl again. However, it’s hard to style. The spaghetti straps force me to reach for a strapless bra (not my favourite thing to wear) because I detest the look of multiple straps on one’s shoulder. 
There’s also the fact that if I want to wear this dress to a more serious event, like to church, I need to cover up a bit. So I always feel stumped, particularly in the warmer weather, when I have to wear a blazer and it’s too hot. 
This time I got a brainwave and wore it with a lace top. I liked the overall look even though I would have loved a thicker belt. But hey, the outfit turned out alright and I was happy and comfortable with it.

Outfit Details: Dress, Top, Belt: Thrifted (Gikomba); Heels: Gift, Earrings: Old (India)

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