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 Hi all!! 
This post should have gone up a while back, but my disorganization will be the death of me. 
I have had a deep seated love for leather for ages. But I am unable to buy anything that is imitation leather. So getting a leather jacket, pants, skirt or dress has been a very slow process.
 And lo and behold, one Friday I accompanied mum to the market and there was a lady selling everything leather for KSh. 50 only. I was low on cash at that time but I couldn’t resist. I found this skirt and a purple one and I begged mum to buy them.
Voila! My electric blue, pencil leather skirt. I wore it with a white loose-fitting blouse and tan wedges (although I later changed into flats) to Church one Sunday.

 Outfit Details:
Leather Skirt: Kangemi Market, Nairobi
Blouse: Bus Station, Nairobi
Shoes: Ngara, Nairobi
Handbag: Gift

I’m still unsure of the length of this skirt. I think I’ll cut it and change it from mid-length to knee length.
What do you think?

Happy Thursday!!!
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1 Comment

  1. Yvonne Olga

    That skirt is fabulous dear, though you could reduce it by a few inches. I hope I get a leather skirt or trouser when I go shopping next time. Love your look! 🙂

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