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What I wore: Black maxi dress with grey thigh-high boots

What I wore:  Black maxi dress with grey thigh-high boots
This black maxi dress has got be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe (I think I say that about all my clothes, lol!). But honestly, of all the maxi dresses I own, I think I wear this one the most. It’s plain, neutral colour and long sleeves make it very easy to style whether its blistering hot or freezing cold outside. 
I first bought and wore a black maxi dress when I was pregnant with baby girl some six years ago. That’s when I fell in love with them and finally appreciated their versatility. I styled it as a maternity and post-maternity dress and enjoyed every minute of it. When I shed the baby weight, I realised that dress was too stretched for me to continue wearing, so I bought a new one.

This one was a little different. It was shorter and had a side slit. I still loved it and wore it often. I styled it here with a pendant necklace and gladiator sandals.

When I outgrew that, or it became small, again, I snagged myself this baby here, my latest black maxi dress. Previously, I wore it with my floral wedge sandals and statement necklace.

For today’s look, I opted for this green statement necklace, which is one of my prized possessions, and my grey thigh high boots. Granted the boots were put on for the photo but had I somewhere to go, I would definitely take this outfit, as it is, for a spin and maybe add a large belt.

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