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What I wore: Asymmetrical dress

What I wore: Asymmetrical dress

In a bid to make my closet more wearable, I went shopping for dresses earlier this year – all my previous clothes have become too big. I needed a few dresses to tide me over and get me excited about getting dressed up again.

This grey dress has just the right amount of drama to get me feeling like a senorita on a salsa dance floor. I love the muted grey colour and mid-riff waistline which hits just in the right place. I hate dresses whose waistbands sit on the widest part of your waist, smh.

There was a point in my life when I wouldn’t ever put on a dress with a mid-length hemline. It was either knee-length or maxi for me. However, I’ve been watching a lot of Lydia Millen lately and I will confess that I have been influenced! She’s got me falling in love with different style dresses, of various lengths, colours and prints. 

I chose these turquoise wedges to add some colour to the outfit and wore a red lip. Guys, I have missed putting on lipstick! I haven’t worn any since the beginning of the pandemic but I recently bought my first lipstick in two years and I am exhilarated. It makes me feel like my old self again. Who knew such small things like being able to wear lipstick could have such an impact on ones life, haha?!

Have you made any changes to your style choices lately? Please share and inspire the rest of us:)

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