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What I wore: All black with a pop of colour

What I wore: All black with a pop of colour

If you’ve been a blog reader since back in the day, you’ll know that all black outfits are my favourite. It’s no secret that I am comfortable in black. But lately, I’ve been gravitating towards brighter colours but I always add something black, like a safety net, such as when I wore these orange linen trousers or this peach coloured dress.

Today’s outfit was worn back when it was freezing cold in Nairobi but, even with the heat we’ve been experiencing lately, is still a favourite. I paired some fitted black trousers that I’ve been trying to steal from my sister, unsuccessfully though, with a printed cropped black coat which, on its own, makes a statement. I added extra warmth and some colour with a pink sweater and my most beloved winter accessory, the pink ombre wig. My black oxfords and black stone necklace completed the outfit.

I must say, I’m really loving getting dressed lately. My clothes now fit better and I’ve done a bit of decluttering, removing all those clothes that no longer bring me joy.


audrey masitsa blogger

audrey masitsa blogger

audrey masitsa blogger

Do you have any favourite clothes or accessories that always elevate your outfit and mood no matter the day?

Thank you for stopping by.

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