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Wardrobe Basics: The Classic Trench Coat

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I decided to do a series on essential items that should be in any lady’s wardrobe. To start off, today we’ll look at the classic trench coat. This is a wardrobe essential particularly when the weather is cold and rainy. Trench coats come in a variety of fabrics: light fabric for higher temperatures and heavier fabrics for lower temperatures. The classic trench coat comes in a khaki colour but this has evolved to a wide range of colours including blues, reds, greens, yellow, pink, etc.

How to wear the classic trench coat

One of the best tricks to survive being a fashionista on a budget is to learn how to style individual pieces in your wardrobe differently. This applies to the classic trench coat as well. You can wear it with:

  •  the sleeves rolled up
  •  the belt tied around your waist or knotted at the back
  •  the collar popped
  •  belted with a scarf
  •  layered over a blazer or denim jacket 
  •  buttoned up and worn as a dress

The beauty of having such a classic piece in your closet is that it challenges you to get creative in the styling department.
Your trench coat can be worn over dresses, trousers, skirts, denim. Pair it with heels, boots, sneakers or sandals and you will instantly elevate your outfit.

Were these tips helpful? Would you add a trench coat to your current closet?

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