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Video: What I wore in a week

Video: What I wore in a week
One of the things I promised myself I would do, ever since this pandemic started and life slowed down, is that I would dress up every single day. Granted, I had nowhere to go, but putting on an outfit, no matter how simple, uplifted my spirit and gave each day meaning not to mention it became easier to distinguish one day from the next.
This video is a compilation of what I wear on a typical week. My choice of outfit largely depends on the weather, how I’m feeling, how I want to feel and what I will be doing that day.
Since most of these were filmed on a week when I was working from home, the styling was minimal. However, I have since decided that my wardrobe needs a bit of a refresh so I will be adding a few pieces here and there to make putting outfits together even more fun.
I hope you enjoy the video.

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