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Valentines Gift Guide | For Him

Valentines Day is right around the corner and it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of this day to dot over your loved one some more. I often struggle to find appropriate gifts for the men in my life. Be it brothers, dad or boyfriend, it can be hard to know what exactly one should buy that would adequately convey your love and affection. So I thought it would be great to put together a gift guide with some ideas that I have collected over the last couple of months. Where possible, I will let you know where you can get great gifts at good prices.


Whether it’s shirt, jeans, a blazer or a cardigan he has been eyeing for a while, you can never go wrong with clothes and shoes. Be sure to buy things that are you know he will love and wear. There is nothing as disheartening as buying someone a gift and then you find it hanging at the back of their closet with a thick layer of dust indicating that it has never been worn.
My best tip for this is to ask well beforehand especially if you still aren’t sure of his tastes. Ask him whether he prefers formal or casual attire (this you might be able to decipher from what you see him wearing), show him photos asking if he likes this or the other. Ask about colours, this is very important. Don’t assume that because you have seen a few guys wearing brown shoes that the one you are buying a gift for will wear them. He might not like brown official shoes and you will have wasted your money on a gift that will never see the light of day.
Does he like striped, checked or plain shirts. What about trousers? How slim does he like his slim fit trousers?


You can choose a variety of accessories such as a good leather belt, sunglasses, cuff links, wallet, watch, tie, lapel pin. If you can get them custom made or engraved with his initials that would be great. Just be sure to keep any engravings subtle so as not to look cheesy.

Phone, Tablet and Laptop accessories

Ok, every man loves his gadgets. How about you buy him a cool, new laptop skin or laptop bag or a keyboard protector. For his phone, a much needed power bank, phone case or skin protector. You can never go wrong with some headphones or

Food and Drink

His favourite bottle of whisky, vodka or whatever it is he drinks.

Where to Shop
I spend a lot of time online, consequently the places where I shop tend to be online. I like Jumia, Kilimall and Pablo Gift Shop (check them out on Facebook). I’m sure there are very many more places where one can shop. Please share them in the comments so that I can add them to the list.

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