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TRENDS TO TRY: The Colour Grey

Grey blazer
Hello lovelies!
 Allow me to preface this post with my understanding of fashion trends. When it comes to following fashion trends, I am usually a bit reluctant to jump on the bandwagon. This is mostly because I have a no desire to walk around dressed like everybody else. For this reason, I hate shopping in exhibitions and clothing store chains. I like the thrill of buying something unique. Even though the item of clothing is a huge trend, I like to look for something different that I can be sure I will not find every second person I meet on the streets wearing. I have taken the same approach with my online shop. Each item is one of a its kind. For example, if it is a black maxi dress, I will get different cuts, fabrics and designs all with the same concept but completely different from each other.
Grey dress
My way of following trends does not favour those who like to copy exactly what they see on the streets or on the various social media sites. That is why you will catch me watching runway shows just to get an idea of how I can change up the ordinary blazer to get something outstanding. When I go shopping (I shop A LOT in markets, an art referred to as thrifting) I pay more attention to the unusual clothes and shoes than to the ones I have seen countless times until they have become boring. 
Grey knit top.
For instance, one of the IT colours this year is grey. Another is orange. In my favourite colour phases, I have gone through an orange phase so I am more excited about trying out grey. Infact, I am going all out with not only my clothes, shoes and bags but also with my nails and decor, particularly now that I am preparing for the arrival of my little one. For me, grey is one of those colours that I can pair with absolutely anything. I can also wear head to toe grey and not look overdone. 
After scoring through Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs, I have put together some of my favorite items in grey. You can follow the board here.
Janelle Monae in an all grey outfit.
Liam Hemsworth proving that even men can pull off the all grey look.
Will you be trying out this trend?
Thank you for stopping by.
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 Happy Tuesday.

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