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Trends To Try: Skinny Scarves

 There are some trends that come that I instantly fall in love with like ripped jeans, full skirts, block heels or capes. Then there are others that take a bit of time to find a place in my heart. Skinny scarves are one such trend. When they first became popular, I thought, OK, let’s see. But with time I have grown to love them.  I like them best styled as a choker of sorts to elevate a simple outfit like trousers and a t-shirt.

Style Tips

  • Wear a skinny scarf in place of a statement necklace to add some oomph to a simple outfit
  • Choose a colourful skinny scarf to add a pop of colour to a neutral outfit
  • Tie it into a bow to pair with a shirt or tshirt for a school-girl effect
  • When wearing a coat as a top, a skinny scarf can act as a cover up of sorts making it less obvious that you aren’t wearing a top
  • Tie it around your waist in place of a belt over a pair of jeans, a blazer or a blouse

Would you wear a skinny scarf? Which is your favourite way to wear it?

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