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Trends To Try: Mid-Calf Boots

I remember my first pair of mid-calf boots. They were tan brown with a pointed toe and about 3 inches high. I loved them. Even though I mostly wore them with trousers or maxi skirts and dresses, I was overjoyed to have another style of boot to add to my collection.
Fast forward a few years, you can imagine the shock, excitement and slight terror I felt when I saw these boots were back in style. I actually first saw them on some Youtubers towards the end of last year and it has taken me a few good months to fall in love with mid-calf boots.
Mid-calf boots come in a range of colours and fabrics, just like ankle, calf-length and thigh-high boots. I am particularly fond of the fabric ones like velvet or in suede, although I don’t think they would be ideal for the rainy season. For more practicality I would opt for a pair of leather ones which I can wear for a few more months in the year.

Style Tips:

1. Pair your mid-calf boots skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings and wear them tucked into the boots.
2. Wear them with midi skirts to show off just a little bit of skin between your skirt’s hemline and the top of the boots.
3. Make your cropped trousers or culottes appropriate for the cooler temperatures by wearing them with mid-calf boots.

Below are different ways you can style your mid-calf boots.

Would you wear mid-calf boots?

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  1. debby

    Love this Mid-Calf Boots,wearing it, like a super star.

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