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Trends To Try: Metallic Shoes

 Ever since I started wearing flat shoes 98% of the time, I promised myself that I would look for shoes with eye-catching details, no matter how small (or loud for that matter). Enter metallic shoes.

When I first saw these shoes, while shopping for a client, I was a bit hesitant about them. I kept wondering, why and where I would wear such shiny shoes!But after letting them marinate in my mind for some time and checking out some of my favourite bloggers, and scrolling through Pinterest of course, I was finally convinced of the awesomeness of metallic shoes.

Style Tips:
-Metallic shoes are more of a statement piece. Therefore, when you add them to your outfit, keep other accessories, particularly jewellery, to a minimum.

Would you wear metallic shoes?

Thank you for stopping by. xo

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