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TRENDS TO TRY: Backpacks

One of the style choices I have had to make since I became a mum was to invest in bags that can serve both as a baby bag and handbag at the same time. This means that the bags I carry (when I go out with my daughter) have to be big enough for both our things and also have straps that are long and comfortable enough to sit on my shoulder while Elly is on my other arm. That’s why when I came across a re-invention of the back-pack I thought, “Now that’s a bag I must acquire!” Gone are the days when these were reserved for school-goers only!
Baby bags just don’t sit well with me so for all of you mum’s out there, if you are looking for an alternative to a baby bag, why not try a backpack? It sits on your back so your arms are free to handle your little one. Size-wise, they come in all sizes and you don’t need to get an extremely big one. A mid-sized one can fit diapers, a baby shawl, change of clothes for your baby, along with your wallet, make-up bag, book, phone, and whatever else you wish to carry with you.
I was at Mr. Price on Saturday and found the perfect backpack (which a very good friend gifted me, thank you darlin’). The floral print makes it extra feminine and the colour is just perfect for wearing with a wide variety of colours. Another bonus, I can place it anywhere without thinking too much about making it dirty. It has extra pockets on the inside so that I can sort out my stuff for easy access. And to crown it all, I could carry Elly and my bag without worrying about dropping either one.

How do you style a backpack?

A backpack can be a good alternative when you don’t want to carry your regular handbags. Pair it with a dress, skirt, pants, dress it up or down, it’s one of those pieces I can guarantee you will not regret adding to your arsenal.

Would you carry a backpack? How would you carry it? Do share in the comments below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy Monday and thank you for stopping by!


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