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I have to make a very big decision today and what I decide will determine a great deal in my future. When I’m feeling confused or low I would much rather curl up in bed and cry. But I hate the headache and exhaustion that comes with crying the whole afternoon. So instead of giving in to self pity I want to look at something inspirational.
The things inspiring me today are:-

  1. A mommy’s lifestyle a blog by Lindsay who I’ve just started following. I’m having a difficult time turning to other things. Her adventures with her son as well as her fashion picks are a must read!
  2. Listening to online radio. Nothing beats the blues like music. Even when I had tears rolling down my cheeks, I found myself singing along to Alicia Keys, Nikki Minaj, Beyonce etc. Music truly is a mood booster.
  3. Pinterest!!!! I’ve become an addict. A forum where I can find all sorts of pictures and tutorials for all sorts of different things like food, fashion, books, music, nature?! You’ll find me there!! Are you on Pinterest? You can follow me here.
  4. Thinking about loved ones and knowing they will support me with whatever decisions I make.
  5. Making and eating mandazi today reminded me so much of home.
  6. Looking back at all that I have accomplished so far and hoping for a bright future filled with beautiful things like these flowers.
Image via Pinterest
What are some of the things that uplift you when you are feeling down???
Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Happy new week!

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