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Tips to declutter & organise your wardrobe

Tips to declutter & organise your wardrobe

One of my biggest pet peeves is having a messy wardrobe. It makes it so difficult to find things not to mention that I hate having creased clothes and ironing first thing in the morning.

When we first went into lockdown a year ago, I made the resolution to keep on top of having an organised, clutter-free closet. This meant decluttering clothes that I didn’t wear anymore and storing the rest well. With time I came up with a foolproof way that ensured my closet didn’t ever make me overwhelmed.

Below are my tips for decluttering and organising your wardrobe.

1. Divide the task into manageable pieces

When faced with a massive task like decluttering and organising your wardrobe, it’s understandable to feel discouraged. I often feel like I don’t even know where to start.

To counter this, I’ve taken to splitting big tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. In this regard, when clearing my closet, I divide it into different categories and work on one category at a time. This helps me actually finish the big task and ensures that I am thorough.

Depending on how you’ve organised your closet, you could start with dresses and coats. Then proceed to trousers, shorts and skirts. Then work on active-wear and pyjamas, jewellery, shoes and then handbags.

2. Give yourself ample time to work on it

If you’re like me, you tend to postpone big projects. I like to start and finish all the projects that I undertake but when they are big, I usually get to a point where I wish I hadn’t started.

To make sure I don’t get burned out before I have finished decluttering and organising, I spread the tasks out over a couple of days giving myself ample time to do a good job without feeling overwhelmed.

3. When decluttering…

– Remove any clothes that you don’t wear anymore or that don’t bring you joy.

– Remove clothes that are old, faded, torn or that can’t be repaired.

– Keep only those clothes that fit your current body.

 4. When organising…

– Keep in-season clothes in your closet and out-of-season clothes in storage. This will ensure your closet isn’t bursting at the seams.

– Get baskets or drawer organisers to keep smaller items in place.

– Fold t-shirts and sweaters to prevent them from stretching and getting out of shape.

– Make sure you can see all your clothes at one glance. In this way you will reduce instances when you “forget” clothes because they were hidden.

What other tips do you have for decluttering and organising your closet?

Thank you for stopping by.


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