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Hi all!! I hope you had a good weekend.

Rihanna in a mohawk
Celebrities are a huge fashion and style influence for many of us. Look how Rihanna’s mohawk became a worldwide trend?? Imitating celebrity hairstyles isn’t too hard because local hairdressers don’t inflate their prices with each trending hairdo. But when it comes to outfits worn by celebrities, how do you “get the look”? In this post, I want to give you my tried and tested tips on how to imitate celebrity style without digging too deep into your pocket, and mostly with items already in your wardrobe.

Tips on Getting Celebrity Looks

1. Pick a style that resonates your personality.
There are some looks or styles that suit who you are and what you are comfortable wearing and others that just don’t. I have come to accept this; although I greatly admire some of Nicole Ritchie’s style, I wouldn’t wear exactly what she does. Instead I’m more of a Michelle Obama kind of girl (at the moment though).

Michelle Obama. Audrey in wide-leg trousers and cropped jacket

2. Don’t be afraid to try out new styles.
At the same time, you might see a celebrity rocking something you absolutely love even when it’s outside your style preferences. Be adventurous and try it out. Who knows maybe you have an inner Beyonce just waiting to be unleashed.

Audrey in an aqua green dress and ankle boots.

3. Keep it simple.
You don’t necessarily have to wear an entire outfit. You can pick one or two elements of the outfit such as the style of skirt or the shoes or maybe you have a similar coat or bag.

Jessica Alba. Audrey in a floral skirt, purple top and wedges

4.Be creative
Even when you don’t necessarily have all the items of a certain outfit, you can be a little creative and select similar items and pair them together. And once you look in the mirror and you aren’t so sure, experiment with different tops or jackets until you are satisfied with the look. Look for details that you can change up to add something of you own.

Wide-pants, Cropped Jacket, Flower belt and Ankle boots

5. Have fun!
The whole point of getting a celebrity look is to have fun and feel like a diva! So why not play around with your current wardrobe and dress like a celebrity who’s style you greatly admire. Don’t let anyone stop you!

Get the look: Jane By Design Audrey in a skirt and mustard sweater

Happy Monday and have a good week!


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