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Hi all!
Here at Inches To Style, I try to bring together fashion, style and lifestyle. From around the web here are this week’s…
Although individuality is constantly being preached, we are sometimes made to think that by conforming to what society dictates we will be easily accepted. Kashara of Undiscovered Worth talks about self-reliance and maintaining your uniqueness.
Earlier this week, I wrote a post reminding you just how amazing you are. You don’t need to become someone else to be accepted. Just be yourself.
On to style tips, I’ve mentioned before how much I love lace. Anna of Fash Boulevard gives 3 ways to wear your lace garments to come up with different looks.
I’m not a die-hard trend follower, but I like to pick up those trends that will not require me to spend too much on shopping. Lauren Conrad gives an amazing summary of the top ten trends to try this April.
A girl must own a pencil skirt in her closet. Sharon of This Is Ess style a black pencil skirt in 5 different ways. Check out her blog for style inspiration.
 I get break outs like any other girl and sometimes at exactly the same areas on my face. Cat of Girls Guide To explains what acne/ a pimple on a specific part of your face is trying to tell you.
 Did you find any of these links helpful? Let me know in the comments.
 Happy Thursday!!


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