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Three simple workouts to get you started on your fitness journey

Three simple workouts to get you started on your fitness journey

Over the years, one of the constant battles I’ve had was sticking to a workout routine. I’d get started on my fitness journey with much gusto only to fall off the wagon a few days in. But it didn’t bother me so much because even if I wasn’t the fittest, I didn’t feel like I needed to work out. Many times it felt more like a hustle than anything else.

Then last year, I felt my body complaining from the lack of movement. I used to spend hours and hours seated in front of my laptop, working away. I’d even have my lunch breaks while I worked. The most I moved my body was when I was walking to the house and, every once in a while, when I had errands to run in town. I knew this wasn’t good for me, but I hardly made the effort to start a workout.

Then the backache started. It started quite mildly and the more I tried to ignore it, and failed to workout, the worse it got. So much so that I consulted my doctor who told me that I simply needed to exercise a bit more.

A friend introduced me to some stretches which I gladly started doing and these eased my backache and left me feeling really good. Fast forward a few months and I started reading Atomic Habits by James Clear and I started thinking about why it was so hard to get into the habit of working out daily. In my research, I discovered one key thing:

Whichever habit you want to pick up, instead of focusing on the end result, think about how you feel during and after the action. This will play a big role in keeping you motivated to build that habit.

I decided to test this out in my fitness journey and I’m amazed at how inspired I am to move my body every day. Here are a few of my tips:

– Start small. Pick a workout that is simple enough, 5 or 10 minutes long, that will have you feeling motivated to get started. I realized that the main problem I had in getting started was that I wanted to jump right in and get into 30 minutes of cardio. This seemed like a daunting task especially since I hadn’t been working out for a long time. So I started with a 10 minute stretch that I do every morning and then depending on how my body feels, I add lower back and neck stretches. Remember, start small and build up from there.

– Focus on the feeling now. Pay attention to how good it feels when your muscles are being stretched and unwound, the relief you feel when you no longer have that constant back or neck pain.

– Remember how happy and at peace you felt once you completed the work out. I’ve noticed such an improvement to my mood whenever I’m done with my workout that I crave that feeling all the time.

– Bear in mind the clarity you got just from stepping away from your busy schedule to stretch. The solutions that came so easily for that problem that’s been nagging you. The new idea you got for your creative project.

And, as promised, for us busy bees, here are a few exercises that will get you started on your fitness journey.

10 minute morning stretch

Back pain relief

Neck and shoulder stretch

To get me out of the house, I have started going for a walk, down the road where I live. It’s been a great relief and leaves me feeling so happy and fulfilled. And, my mental health is thanking me for it.

Have you struggled to get started on your fitness journey? What has motivated you to move your body?

Thank you for stopping by.

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