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Hi all!! I hope you had a good weekend and are rejuvenated for the week.
When I started this blog, I wanted to help Kenyan and African women learn how to dress very well, for their shape and situation in life. In my ramblings with a few friends and acquaintances, I’ve heard a good number of complaints, observations and reactions on fashion in Kenya. Many of these comments come from guys and they seem concerned that Kenyan ladies dress more and more skimpily everyday. 
I always thought that men preferred skimpy, maybe this is the same mentality some ladies have. But even young men whom I spoke to said that even though you look sexy in your low cut top, you wouldn’t be the kind of girl he would take home to meet his parents.
Ok, so I moved on and asked a few others what they thought about this and they said that Kenyan ladies seem to forget that they are Kenyan/African, and what is acceptable in one culture might not be acceptable in another. For instance, short skirts or very short shorts are more acceptable in the Western culture than in African culture. 
So I moved on and asked a few women their take on this. They said that the mistake many of us make is that we see Hollywood stars wearing something and because they look good, we “copy paste” the look without considering many things. These include body shape, size, culture and occasion. Whereas what we see is either in a programme, movie or music video on telly, we want to wear the same thing in real life. We forget that this is mostly a marketing gimic and most of those actresses don’t dress like that in real life. 
Also methinks, there’s some sort of mystery that should be associated with a woman. Why would you want to take it away? I believe a man shouldn’t know everything about you otherwise he gets bored and moves to something more exciting. 
What’s your take on this situation in Kenya? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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  1. Shokey

    I think that Kenyans are embracing a totally different angle in fashion and at this rate we will take Africa by storm!!

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  2. Audrey Masitsa

    @Shokey I agree with you. But the main concern with the guys has been that more than just embracing fashion, what about incorporating it with decency and elegance??

  3. Duchess Gabrielle

    I think there's a fine line between fashion and plain nasty. It's possible to be fully covered in fabric and still command attention. I think some women assume more skin gets attention. This is true but not all attention is good. Balance is key. You cannot show a lot of leg, back and chest. It's too much. Movies and music videos are no where near real life, you are right, it's all a ploy to engage audiences.

  4. Unknown

    I am an upcoming designer and I will be posting my designs soon. I believe many Kenyan women are realizing that skimpy is not the way to go. They are also embracing the African feel in their outfits. I believe in a few years time, everyone will want to go cultural.
    Check me out on

    thanks. following you. will appreciate a follow back

  5. Audrey Masitsa

    @Duchess Gabrielle Thanks for the insight dear. I love the point you've brought up.

  6. Audrey Masitsa

    @Merilyn Kawira Hi. Thank you for your observation. I'm glad to see that our African attire is becoming more and more ingrained in us. Thanks for following me.

  7. Chez Maureen

    love the denim jacket
    take some time and check out my blog too at

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