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As I posted here, I’m super excited about the holiday season that for me began on December 1st. And with the holidays, there’s a lot of preparation for parties and other festive season related activities. Apart from getting the perfect outfits and accessories, make-up will also be an integral part of your overall party look. I’m not new to the whole make-up application process. However, I’m not an expert. This means that any time I’m in doubt about how to apply something say mascara or eyeliner (I’m terrified of getting one of these in my eyes) I turn to YouTube. Also the fact that I’ve been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember gave me an excuse to pay less attention to mascara and eyeliner, but as I’ve recently learnt from another blogger, Keiko Lynn, it’s possible to put on eye make-up even when I’m using my glasses. But what I’ve always known how to do are my eyebrows. I tweeze my own eyebrows and at one point in my life, I don’t quite recall when, I learnt how to use eyebrow pencil. But I’ve seen, more than once mind you, people who’ve completely trimmed off their eyebrows and instead of using the eyebrow pencil to fill in their eyebrows, they use it to draw eyebrows. I always feel like shouting, “No! No! That’s not what the person who came up with eyebrow pencil had in mind!” So I went online and found this video on how to achieve the perfect arch without your eyebrows looking as if you’d drawn them. I hope this will be as helpful to you as it was to me.

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