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DIY, My Style


Some dresses look great on display before you buy them. And when you wear them, they kinda make you look like you are expecting and if you are not, it can be quite disconcerting when people ask you uncomfortable questions. This dress is one such dress. I went shopping with my friend who spotted it and told me to buy it immediately. I did and ended up loving it. I especially love the print on the hem. I had been meaning to wear it for a long time then I realized that it looked a bit big on me. So I wore it with a grey sweater, cinched at the waist with a blue belt. I added my plaid ballet flats and metallic clutch, a pair of loop earrings, bangles and a scarf to complete the outfit.

One of the current winter accessories are infinity scarves. I love the idea of having a scarf that keeps you warm and yet doesn’t have its edges dangling all over the place. It’s very easy to make a DIY infinity scarf. You can make one using two different scarves as seen in this video.

Or as I always do, you can just loop your scarf around your neck and tie the ends together. Make sure to hide the knot under the folds of the scarf.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Sarojini Market, India
Sweater: Gikomba, Nairobi (50 Shillings)
Shoes: Kamla Nagar Market, India
Clutch: Nairobi
Scarf: India
Belt: Gikomba, Nairobi (50 shillings)
Earrings: India
Bangles: gift

Today is my little sister’s 18th Birthday!! How time flies. I remember when we were told mum is coming home with a baby girl and we were so excited. And today she confirms to those of us still in denial that we are indeed getting old!
Happy Independence day to all my American friends.

Happy Wednesday!!!



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