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Hi all!!
It’s been too long since I blogged and the biggest reason for my absence is that I’m going through some personal style changes that I wanted to get sorted before I resumed personal style posts.
in the mean time, I think I can safely say that the warm weather is back. Although the weather conditions are unreliable, I’m taking this time to dress up in my favourite summertime clothes.
It took me a while to embrace this trend but here I am taking it up as if it was a life and death situation. Hi-low skirts and dresses are great for the girl who wants to show some leg and still cover up in unexpected ways. The longer back gives the illusion of wearing a maxi or a mid-length skirt but at the front you can be a bit adventurous. The varying lengths available make this trend very versatile and suitable for any style preference. Also available are hi-low tops.
Sheer fabrics
I love anything sheer. From sheer tops to skirts to dresses I don’t think I’ll get tired of this trend any time soon. When the weather is nice and warm, nothing is as cooling as wearing a sheer fabric. It allows you to breath and still maintains your style. 
Sheer blouses are great for the adventurous girl because you can wear them with a contrasting bra for special effect. 
Bright Colors
As much as blacks and whites are among my favourite colours, I can never get enough of the effect a pop of colour has on my mood. Be it a dress-top/tunic, dress, top or even shoes, bright colors will always be my go to for the warm weather. I recently discovered bright colored leggings which I cannot get enough of.
What are some of your summer favorites? Share them in the comments and I’ll pick a few to feature in the Monday Stylist feature on the blog.

Thank you for stopping by.
Happy Tuesday!!
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