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****I’m slowly becoming a health nut for the simple reason that I want to look like my mum when I reach her age. Ok, she’s not that old, but she definitely doesn’t look as old as she is. Maybe it comes with the kind of profession she chose, she’s a teacher, and somebody once told me that teacher’s don’t age. But no matter what it is, I have decided to keep healthy. This is the first post in this new series on the blog. It’ll run every Thursday throughout this month.  

Last week I posted about my new found efforts to take better care of my health. I have started drinking more water to cleanse my system and keep me hydrated throughout the day.
This week’s post focuses more on exercising. Something interesting happened to me last weekend. My Achilles Tendon got inflamed and I couldn’t walk at all!! I couldn’t even put my foot down or exert any amount of pressure on it. I made a trip to the doctor’s and she asked me whether I walk around with shoes like these:

I quickly defended myself and told her that I when I’m walking, whether to the office or running errands, I always wear flat shoes, then change into my heels once I’m assured that I won’t be moving around so much. She warned me against straining my leg muscles (and back muscles, I also have a bad back) saying that the consequences would be detrimental, think very painful surgery.

Walk It!
In order to be beautiful we need to take care of our health. A very good way of doing this is to exercise on a regular basis. I had started small, by walking as much as possible. Instead of waiting for a ride, I walk. I told myself even small distances count. If I walk for 10 minutes at least 3 times a day, I’ll have done 30 minutes of exercise a day. This, in my book, is better than nothing.

Take the Stairs!

Thanks to lifts and escalators, we have it easy. I get so tempted to take the lift even when I’m going to the 1st floor of a building. But with frequent power outages, I decided enough was enough. I’ve never been stuck in a lift but that is not a situation I EVER want to find myself in. Now I’ve trained my mind and body to always take the stairs. It’s not only safer but you get to exercise your legs.

Weekly Walk

Many people don’t have much time during the week to go jogging. And if you can’t afford to go to a gym, brisk walking or jogging in your neighbourhood is the way to go. On Sundays, I try to go for a morning jog cum brisk walk. I wake up an hour earlier than I used to so that I have enough time to get ready for church. I start by walking briskly. Then I jog a little and when I get tired, I go back to a brisk walk. With time I hope to run for an hour.

My Motivation

-I feel so refreshed after doing any amount of exercise. I am able to concentrate more on my work and control my moods better. I also sleep so well since my body as well as my mind are exhausted.
-Mum runs up the stairs!!! She’s so fit!! At my sister’s school’s sports day, she ran 100m and came second!!! Of course I’m proud of her. So if she can do this why can’t I???

 Happy Thursday!!!!


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