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****I’m slowly becoming a health nut for the simple reason that I want to look like my mum when I reach her age. Ok, she’s not that old, but she definitely doesn’t look as old as she is. Maybe it comes with the kind of profession she chose, she’s a teacher, and somebody once told me that teacher’s don’t age. But no matter what it is, I have decided to keep healthy. This is the first post in this new series on the blog. It’ll run every Thursday throughout this month.  

There’s more to health than drinking enough water and exercising. Eating well is an essential part of maintaining your health. Like most girls I have a great weakness for junk food. Fries, chocolate, chips etc, form an integral part of my life. Why lie! I sometimes get such cravings, right now it’s chocolate.

But even if I crave junk food, I also crave veggies and fruits. I read that craving something means that you have a deficiency in your diet. Either way, these cravings end up being win-win. I get to satisfy my cravings and boost my health at the same time.

Health Consequences 
The one thing I’ve learnt from my mum is that I have to curb my junk eating habits. Though tasty, junk food has so many health consequences. One major one is the effect it has on my face. The day after I have indulged in a good amount of chips I always have a break out on my face. As it is I have very sensitive skin. I have to wash my face twice a day to keep the pimples at bay. So when I convince myself to have just a little this one time, I usually wake up in the morning asking myself why I had to.
Then there comes the putting on of weight in an unhealthy way. I don’t have anything against putting on weight. I just think it should be done within reason, bearing in mind one’s ideal weight, height and age. But junk food mostly consists of sugars that your body doesn’t need. Excess sugars get stored in your body as fats. In ladies these fats land on the thighs and mid-section. Getting rid of this fat is a daunting task. “A moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips.” is a mantra that always pops in my head when I want to indulge myself.

A Balance Diet
The plus side of living with my parents is that I inevitably end up eating a balanced diet. I really don’t have an excuse to have any deficiencies. But a few months ago, I went to see the doctor and she told me I was nutrient-deficient. I was then given vitamins and iron tablets. I felt bad having to spend that cash on tablets that I wouldn’t have needed had I been eating my fruits and veggies. After this incident, I promised myself that come what may, I will always make sure that I eat at least one balanced meal a day.

Food Portions
I’m not one to starve myself for the sake of watching my weight. In fact what many people don’t know about me is that I eat a lot. I have no qualms about food as long as it’s wholesome food.
I once heard that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Because of work and preferences, I don’t eat much breakfast. I just can’t bring myself to take breakfast. So I have the minimum to keep me going until a later time when I can stomach it. I may or may not eat lunch so my main meal is usually dinner. At home we try to eat at 7 p.m so by the time I go to bed, I have rested for a while.

Herbal tea has become a craze. I never understood why anyone would want to drink something so bitter. That was before I came across Chamomile Tea. I drink it every night and it has such a good effect on my health. It helps in digestion and further boosts my immunity. It also helps me sleep well making sure that I am well rested every morning.

What are some of the issues you face when it comes to eating well??

 Happy Thursday!!!!
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