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STYLE TIPS: Visible Bras; Yes or No?

Hello lovelies!
This is an appeal to all the young ladies out there who wear bras. Gents, maybe for this post you can take a back seat or if you wish, read on and inform your girl pals.
This post was inspired by at least three encounters I have had with women wearing tops/ dresses with visible bras. When I say visible, I don’t mean the bras that peep underneath lace or sheer fabrics like this. No. That’s not what I have in mind. 
Bra peeping underneath sheer fabrics
Let me show you exactly what I mean since pictures speak louder than words.
Tacky peeping bras
Yesterday, while at the supermarket, I came across a young lady in a halter top with her black bra completely visible at the back. I know, I know when Carrie Bradshaw did it in Sex and the City (the first movie) I was enthralled and actually thought about trying it out. She looked something like the image below. But what I just don’t understand is having an entire section of your ugly bra completely visible.
Carrie Bradshaw-esque visible bra
I finally decided to say something about these visible bras when, as I was walking out of the supermarket, I saw yet another young girl, walking with her boyfriend and this young lady had a discoloured white bra sticking out of the back of her halter top. Now even if she didn’t know her bra was visible, why didn’t the guy she was walking with tell her just how tacky she looked?
More tacky visible bras
My first encounter with this “fashion trend” among some Kenyan women was one time as I was on my way to bus station and I saw a lady with a sleeveless velvet dress. Let us ignore the wearing of velvet in the hot weather and concentrate on the extremely visible bra. First it wasn’t one of those flirty, lacy bras. It was one of those my sister refers to as grandma bras (no offense). So I said to myself, “Why even bother with the dress? Just wear a skirt and walk around with you bra in full public view!”
Different types of bras for different occasions
 OK. Enough of this. I have decided to put together bras that you can wear with different dresses/tops so that you can avoid the visible bra syndrome. Bras with low riding bras are mad for clothes like halter necks or low backs. 
Some bras are suitable for low necklines.
Strapless bras will come in handy for bustier type dresses and tops and also if you are wearing either spaghetti strap or sleeveless dresses and tops and you don’t want to have bra straps peeping out or falling out of place.
All in all, keep in mind that if your bra should happen to be visible, i.e. in the unlikely occasion of your top slipping, please make sure that the bra/straps are pretty. Choose a nice colour or detailing on the straps like lace or a bow. Just because your bra isn’t being seen does not mean that it should be fraying or discoloured.

What is your take on the “visible bra syndrome”?

Thank you for stopping by.
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Happy Monday!


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