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Style Icon: Elizabeth Akinyi

One of the best parts about having a stylish baby sister who isn’t afraid to speak out is that she will keep you up-to-date as regards fashion trends and she will act as a checks and balances when it comes to giving you advice/voicing her opinion on your outfits. This is what my baby sister is to me: not only is she a muse but she is also one of the few people I trust to tell me when my dress is too revealing or I need to glam it up a bit.
Meet Elizabeth (Lisa). She is one hell of a lady! Style-wise, I think she is one of the most daring people I know. Very rarely will she let what other people say of her or her outfit of choice deter her from doing what she wants. That’s another thing I admire about her. She has such high self-esteem that at times she puts me to shame. I like that no matter what she decides to wear be it a pair of culottes, high tops, a dress or pants, she always pulls it off. She is not afraid to push boundaries and try out new things. And to top it all off, my baby sister has a knack for scouring Pinterest looking for style inspiration and it doesn’t stop there. If she doesn’t find what she has pinned in the market, she will simply make it (DIY project anyone?). And this is why I admire her and her style and I hope you will too.
Enjoy the pics below.

*****If you would like to be featured on Fashionista of the Month or know someone who would, please send me an email with photos of you in different outfits at Let’s showcase our stylish sisters and get more style inspiration, after all, that is is what we strive to do on this blog.

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