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There are some things that I cannot do without in my wardrobe. These are those items that I wear very often or that I’d turn to when I don’t have inspiration of what to wear.

A white button down. This can be dressed up or down. I like white shirts because their colour is so crisp and it always looks good whether I wear it with denim or with a skirt or formal trousers. I have a long-sleeved shirt that I sometimes wear with the sleeves folded up. I’ve had this shirt for a couple of years now and I’m unable to replace it because it has such a great fit. I’m thinking of getting another one stitched just like it.
Denim trousers. Most of the time you’ll find me in denim. I never used to wear these as often as I do now. I think living in India where most of my peers wear denim all the time was a great influence to my change of heart towards these versatile pieces. I have them in blue, white, black, grey and purple. I’m on the lookout for a red pair. I like to dress them in a smart casual look. Rarely will you find me wearing them with converse but this doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes go for the all time casual look.
Formal trousers. These are a must have for me for those days when I cannot get away with wearing denim. I have them in black, brown and blue. Recently I got some grey wide-leg, high-waisted pant that I absolutely love but are too long. I’ll have to adjust them so that I can wear them with lower heels because now I wear them with the highest heels I have so as not to drag them on the ground.
Ballet flats. I’ve become obsessed with ballet flats ever since they became a trend. I used to think my feet would hurt every time I wore them because they were so flat but I got some that had a slightly raised heel for comfort and I was in love. I have them in all types of styles and colours. I wear them with trousers, shorts, dresses and skirts and I wear them all the time. Just the other day a thought crossed my mind. Last summer I didn’t wear open shoes as much as I used to. I wore ballet flats more. 
Heels and boots. A few years ago I used to be obsessed with heels. I had one pair of flat shoes and all the rest were heels. This changed when I came to study in India. The environment around me as well as the heat did not permit me to wear heels as much as I used to. In fact I used to buy heeled shoes and just have them in my wardrobe and when I went home, I carried them all because I knew there I’d be able to wear them.
A pair of sandals. For those relaxed days out with friends when it’s sufficiently warm. I also have a heeled pair for more formal occasions.
Tanks. I use these to layer under my shirts in the winter for warmth and in summer as a way to wear my shirts in a different way.
Scarves. I have these in a variety of colours. They are worn both in summer and winter and double up as head-wraps especially when my hair is in a bad state. Sometimes I use them to add a pop of colour to my outfit or to add a little extra something to an otherwise ordinary outfit like jeans and a tee.
Black dress and skirt. I don’t wear dresses and skirts very often but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have any in my wardrobe. I wear them when I want to look different from my more familiar trouser outfits.
What are your wardrobe essentials?
Happy almost weekend!

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