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Style Challenge Day 1 – Mixed Textures

Style Challenge Day 1 – Mixed Textures

I think we all subconsciously end up mixing different textures in our outfits but when it came to actually selecting an outfit that had mixed textures, on purpose, I must confess I struggled. Nothing seemed right. I have worn leather and lace, denim with chiffon, denim with lace on countless occasions. This meant that for this particular challenge, I wanted to try a different combination of textures and fabrics.
Tweed and chiffon were my textures of choice for the first day of this 30 day style challenge. I wore my chiffon culotte jumpsuit which has an embellished bodice with one my favorite coat. This tweed number isn’t new but hasn’t been worn in ages and then when I started wearing it, I couldn’t stop. I paired it with almost every outfit.
For shoes, I opted for some heels, to add height and make my legs appear longer, with these satin heels. I have noticed that with culottes you need to either wear heels or open shoes which elongate your legs otherwise you might end up looking like a hobbit. (Glo, see I made a Lord Of The Rings reference!)

Outfit Details:
Culottes: my online shop
Coat: Hawker in town
Shoes: New Delhi, India
Bangles: Gift
Earrings: Nairobi CBD

Combinations when mixing textures:
Leather + Lace or Chiffon
Denim + Lace or Chiffon
Suede + Tweed
Denim + Silk
Leather + Silk
Suede + Chiffon
Leather + Faux Fur
Denim + Knit (sweaters)
Faux Fur + Satin/Silk

What do you think of the outfit? Thank you for stopping by. xo

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