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Reflections: 14 Lessons I Learned In 2014

2014 has been a year chalk-full of lessons for me. Becoming a mum has helped me find myself in ways that I never thought were possible. I have managed to push myself to new heights and I now believe that with the right amount of determination, anything is possible. Below are 14 lessons that I have learnt this year.

1.    Forgiveness
This is a hard one especially when it pertains to forgiving and forgetting. The best lesson I have learnt is that once we forgive, you have more peace.

2.    Patience
This is the biggest lesson I have learnt from being a mum. Everything happens in due time as evidenced by watching my baby grow into a more independent young lady every day.

3.    Abandonment to God’s will
God works wonders in our lives each day, and at His pace and not at ours. By completely abandoning my life to Him, I am agreeing to let him work in me. I am also able to see all the marvelous things that he does for me.

4.    Self-confidence
Sometimes I forget to believe in myself, I doubt my abilities and my talents. But a small reminder of how gifted I am always serves to boost my confidence and give me the needed morale boost to keep on going.

5.    It’s darkest just before daybreak
When the going is toughest, it’s just about to get better. So giving up is never an answer.

6.    Follow your heart
Trying to fit myself into other people’s definition of what my life should be like will not give me happiness. I am only truly happy when I do what my heart tells me to do.

7.    Give expecting nothing in return
I know some people only do things for others when they know that they will gain nothing. But one of the things I have learnt this year is that this is a selfish way to live. This is one of the best lessons my daughter has taught me.

8.    Love, unconditionally
Like No. 7 above, love should not be given out in measures but to the full amount that we are capable of.

9.    No matter what you do people will always talk
Whether good or bad, someone will always have something to say. The solution, listen but respectfully say you do not care.

10.    Comparing yourself to others spells doom
I have learnt to avoid situations which put me in a position where I compare myself to others like spending too much time on social media and training my brain to run away from such thoughts.

11.    It’s OK to have some me time
As much as I would love to be present for every person in my life, me time is so important to recharge my batteries and get my creative juices flowing.

12.    Eliminate complexities and embrace a simple life
Simplicity is the key to enjoying life. I have embraced this beginning with keeping a basic wardrobe containing only those things which I love.

13.    Make independent decisions
It’s OK to seek advice but in the end, the decisions I make should be made by me and me alone. This is the best way to avoid blaming others for my problems.

14.    My happiness depends on me alone
Gone are the days when I would expect others to make me happy. Now I choose which people to hang out with, if I don’t like something I speak up and I seek out things that excite me instead of expecting others to do so.

Which lessons have you learnt in 2014? Which of these do you think you could incorporate in you resolutions for 2015? Do share in the comments above.

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