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Monday Stylist, Style Tips


One time while helping a client select a new wardrobe, I picked out a white dress which she was a bit skeptical about. Her argument was that it would only make her look bigger. You see, she is quite hippy so she tends to stay away from colours which she believes will make appear to be twice her size. It dawned on me that this could be an area to address for plus-size girls (or for anybody in general who does not want to draw unnecessary attention to the widest part of their body). If you are very self-conscious about your size and would rather not draw too much attention to yourself, you can indeed where white with just a few tips and tricks. So how does a plus-size girl where white in a flattering way?

1. Wear it on the smallest part of your body.

If you have big hips and a smaller upper body (pear shaped), you can wear a white top and dark lowers and still look great. If your upper body is bigger than your lower body (apple shaped), wear white pants or skirt.

2. Choose flowy silhouettes

Fabrics that drape well over your curves are always flattering. Avoid those that cling too much especially on those areas that you do not wish to display. But if you still find the thought of loose-fit silhouette daunting, add a fitted cardigan, blazer or even add a belt tied at the smallest part of your waist.

3. Avoid too much fabric

 When it comes to more formal dresses, ensure they fit well i.e. they hug your curves at all the right places.

4. Use white accessories 

You can add white to your daily wardrobe by  wearing a white blazer paired with either a dress, skirt or pants. Ensure the blazer fits well. A short blazer that just reaches your hips is more flattering.

What other tricks do you have for wearing white in a flattering way? Do share in the comments below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy Friday and thank you for stopping by!


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