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PLUS-SIZE FASHION: How To Choose Suitable Trousers

When it comes to buying trousers when you are a curvy girl, if you don’t have a clear guide, you can end up buying trousers that are frumpy and not at all flattering. The fashion scene has not been too kind on plus-size girls. It seems majority of the styles of pants are made for the slimmer girl. One of the things I have had to come to terms with since I had my baby is that I have to look for pants that flatter the curves while hiding the post-baby paunch. Below are five tips that I have gathered when buying pants for plus-size girls.

1. Forget about low-cut waist and opt for a higher waistline

Low-cut jeans are most flattering on girls who have less curves and flat stomachs. However, trousers with higher waistlines will hold your tummy in place and not ride too low when you are walking or sitting. They shouldn’t show more than your waistline (like your derriere).

2. Buy pants with a little bit of stretch/spandex

I found that pants that stretch just a little always fit better than those that don’t. They fit better around the waist and hug the thighs and hips just right, meaning that they aren’t at all uncomfortable.

3. Wide-leg pants are the most flattering

If you want to the most flattering style for your curves, bell-bottom style pants are the best. This doesn’t mean that you should not try out skinny-leg pants. You can definitely pull them off. However, remember to keep the length of your trousers in check. Excessively long trouser legs will add to girth instead of flattering your figure.

4. Pay close attention to fit

 As mentioned above, a little stretch doesn’t hurt. Make sure that the trousers fit your waistline, derriere, hips and thighs well. You know how when your pants are a bit loose they tend to bunch up in between your legs as you walk? This is most unflattering. If you are having trouble getting trousers that fit you well in all the above areas buy those that have the best fit and get them tailored.

5. Don’t be afraid of a little colour or print

 One of the oldest fashion “rules” that I remember was that if you are a bit bigger you should opt for darker colours. This isn’t true. Yes dark jeans look more slimming but red, white, pink, yellow and a host of many other colours will also look good on you.

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As with all my guidelines, always opt for styles that you are comfortable with but at the same time, don’t be afraid of experimenting.

What factors do you consider when buying trousers? Do share in the comments below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy Wednesday and thank you for stopping by!


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