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Audrey Masitsa, My Style

OUTFIT: Winter Errands

This winter I seem to be moving around too much!!! The good thing is that I’ve managed to give my winter clothes some good mileage and I get to wear all my winter coats. I wore this one time when it was really cold and I was forced to travel. I must add that I’ve learnt how to layer so that I can stay warm.
Yesterday I put on these grey jeans and a sweater tunic, with several layers underneath of course.

I added a this coat which I bought from Wills. It’s so warm!!

 I love these jeans for a number of reasons. 1. They have an amazing fit! 2. They are grey 3. They give me a much needed break from blue jeans which are too common.

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  1. Unknown

    Really nice trench coat!

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