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OUTFIT: Warmth In A Trench and Ankle Boots

This was one of those days when you dress up and realize your outfit is too dull. I had worn black trousers, a chocolate brown turtle neck and a black trench coat then I realized that the dull colours were too much. So I added this coat, sort of like peplum, and added this red scarf for added colour. I layered the black trousers with a pair of thick stockings because their fabric is too thin for the cold.

I didn’t feel much like accessorizing so I just put on simple earrings and a scarf. I wore black ankle boots. The boots have a block heel which up until yesterday I had been wearing only to and from church. But yesterday was a changing point in my life. These boots have joined my category of comfortable heels to wear while walking around in town. They were a gift from my mum a number of years ago and to this day they are still in good condition.

 Now I’m curious, what are your go to outfits when it’s cold? What colours do you gravitate towards? I for one automatically pick dull colours i.e. blacks, browns, dark blue. I have to make a conscious effort to pick colourful accessories for that added pop of colour. At the moment I can’t do a complete overhaul of my wardrobe, my pocket is kinda tight, but I can pick up one or two colourful scarves.

Outfit Details:
Trousers: India
Turtle-neck: India
Coat: India
Trench coat: India
Ankle boots: gift
Scarf: India
Earrings: gift
Accessorizing tips for the cold weather:
·         Put on a pair of heeled boots and/or closed toe shoes to keep you warm and at the same time maintain your style.
·         A hat e.g. fedora will keep your head warm when you’re moving around on the streets.
·         Stockings and leggings are good for layering your legs. You can wear more than one pair of stockings or leggings on top or your stockings for added warmth.
·         Scarves are very versatile in the cold weather. They can be worn to add a pop of colour to your outfit and to keep you warm.
·         Gloves keep your fingers nice and toasty. I have a pair of wool gloves that I couldn’t get through the Indian winters without them. Now I’m on the lookout for leather gloves. I think these look classier when worn for a more formal occasion.
Happy Monday!!!

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