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OUTFIT: Too Much Pink

I usually go through phases with my obsession for things in a certain colour. So far I’ve been through the blue, red, black, yellow and orange phases. Now, or rather ever since I got these braids, which I’ve since undone, I’ve been leaning towards purples and pinks (even the basic colours of this blog are pink!! I think I have a problem ;-)). I don’t have any issues with purple but I’ve always associated pink with my younger sister and being very ladylike.

Surprise surprise, I went shopping just before Christmas with my friend and guess what I reached for? Yup, this pink coat!!!! And I love it!!

It’s not my usual go to winter coat like this or this. That’s because it doesn’t have a wrap around belt, it’s shorter, has extra girlie details like the pleats and it’s pink.

I wore this outfit last weekend. I was going for a smart casual look pairing these denim trousers with a more formal coat. 

I accessorized with ballet flats, a hand-held bag, a black scarf and some chandelier earrings.

This winter I’ve managed to give all my winter clothes some mileage. I’m so happy:)

I hope you’re all having a warmer week than I am. Happy Thursday.

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  1. Unknown

    That's a very pretty coat.


  2. Stylifiq

    I'm currently going through a pink phase as well. Your coat is lovely

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