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Hi everyone!! I hope you are having a great week. Sorry for the lack of posts. I haven’t been feeling well. I had a very busy weekend, which was in more ways than one quite memorable. And then I caught something, most likely to do with this uncertain weather and the fact that I ate ice-cream despite the sore-throat I had. 
The weather in Nairobi has refused to make up its mind. Is this normal behaviour? I honestly don’t remember the weather being so undecided. One day it’s freezing and the next day the sun is shining and the next it’s raining.

I wore this outfit last Thursday and it was so cold despite the three layers I chose to wear. I paired black cotton trousers with three different sweaters, a black one, an orange cowl neck sweater, topped up with a beige sweater. The beige sweater was chosen as a precautionary piece because I didn’t want the fashion police stopping me to tell me that my trouser was too tight. 

Because I wanted to wear these brogues (I love their colour!!) I went for blue accessories to tie in the colours: a belt and bracelets. I added these black and grey earrings which were given to me as a gift. For my hair I wore a bow headband.
After my realization that my wardrobe consists of mostly black clothes, I’m trying to break into that by mix and matching my outfits with bright colours.

Outfit Details:
Trousers: India
Black Sweater: Ngara, Nairobi
Orange cowl neck sweater: India
Beige sweater: Ngara, Nairobi
Belt: borrowed from sis
Brogues: India
Bracelets: gift
Earrings: borrowed

I am so happy this week. Things are taking a turn for the better and I hope and pray I see more of such days. Got to run! I have a job interview today!!

Happy Wednesday

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