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OUTFIT: Registration

Happy New Month!!! My blogging has been a little haphazard lately. I don’t have internet connection at home so I have to depend on the times I go out to update my blog.
I wore this outfit on last Monday when I went to Strathmore University to register for a unit I needed to complete to get my diploma. I hadn’t been there for nearly four years and considering their strict dress code, I wasn’t too sure what was appropriate anymore. So I opted to go completely formal rather than smart casual. This is a big change from what I’m used to wearing because while studying in India nobody paid any attention to what you wore as long as you were covered. I spent the last four years wearing denim day in day out with the occasional skirt or dress.

With the rather interesting weather we have in Nairobi, I get a little confused on what to wear. In India when it rained, it was cool and nice. But in Nairobi when it rains it’s so cold!!! Ah, the joys and pains of adjusting to a new environment:)
On this particular day, it was warm and nice in the morning so I opted for a dress-shirt and a straight leg trouser which I’ve had for three years but this is the first time I’m wearing them. They were too big and I recently had them altered.

To add something interesting to the outfit I added a black belt which I paired with black heels and a black handbag.
I matched my jewelleryto my trousers by wearing earrings and a necklace in shades of brown.

Have a fantastic week.


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