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OUTFIT: Maxi Dress as a Skirt

This was one of those days when I just felt like spending my day in jeans and a tshirt. But I have so much work piled up that I had no choice but to quickly think of an outfit that was both warm and comfortable. I’ve worn this maxi dress a number of times, each of which I forgot to post on the blog. I wore it with a turtleneck and waistcoat.

 I went with all black accessories, earrings, necklace and ballet flats. I wore silver, black and blue bracelets on my wrists.

Outfit Details:
Maxi Dress: India
Turtle neck: India
Waist coat: India
Belt: gift
Bracelets: gift+ borrowed
Ring: borrowed
Earrings+ necklace: gift

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Happy Tuesday!!!!

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