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OUTFIT: Maxi and Embellished Sweater

When I was looking at these photos, I realized that I’ve worn this maxi skirt a lot lately. And now that the weather has finally decided to turn cold, I can transition it and style it in different ways.
I wore this outfit last week to class. After class I had to drop off my CV in some offices and I had expected the ankle boots I was wearing to hurt my feet but to the contrary, I was just a little tired from all the stairs I climbed. Which brings me to another point; buildings in town don’t have functioning lifts!!! Is it just me or is this a little odd!!! I had to climb stairs to the 7th and 8thFloors and I was not amused. The cleanliness of the buildings is a whole other topic.
So this time when I wore this, I wanted to layer on clothes instead of wearing one warm sweater. I’m not one to freeze and shine, so I had to learn how to layer without looking bulky and frumpy. I paired my very versatile, black maxi skirt with a pink t-shirt, black sweater and purple embellished sweater which was a gift from my mum.

To accessorize, I wore a pink slim belt to add definition to my waist. When doing research on layering, I learnt that by adding a belt you create a waistline and prevent looking like you’ve extra bulk around your waist. For jewellery I wore silver earrings, black and silver bangles, a black ring. Because of the embellishments on my sweater I wanted to keep my jewellery to a minimum so I didn’t wear a necklace. I carried a black handheld bag and wore black ankle boots.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. I was in a hurry on this day and only realized much later how bad the pics looked.

Outfit Details:
Black maxi skirt: gift
Black sweater: Ngara, Nairobi
Purple embellished sweater: gift
Pink t-shirt: gift
Ankle boots: gift
Black handheld bag: gift
Pink slim belt: gift
Bangles: gift
Black ring: India
Earrings: gift
 Happy Tuesday



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