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OUTFIT: Denim Shorts

I wore this outfit yesterday  because I needed something to cheer me up. I was feeling really down in the dumps to the point where I called my mum and almost started crying. But by the end of the day, I was feeling hopeful and I was actually looking forward to a new day.
Now for the outfit, I bought these denim shorts last summer and when I got home I realized that they were too short for my comfort. Luckily I had bought some leggings the same day as I had bought them, I decided to layer them and voila! back to my comfort zone.

 Winter seems to be ending  and I’m getting very excited! At least it’s sunny every morning even though there’s also a chilly wind that accompanies the sun. So today I decided to make a change and wear shorts instead of trousers.

I bought this top in 2008 and haven’t worn it in a while. It still looks brand new and at some point it didn’t quite fit like it did the first few months (I’d lost that much weight). So today I layered it with a turtle neck, which seem to have become my winter staple, and it fit pretty well. I chose this turtle neck rather than a dark coloured one to add a pop of colour to my outfit. Since I had chosen to wear fitting lowers I picked a loose top to create balance.

I love these shorts, I just wish they were a little longer so that they’d get more wear. Currently I’m restricted to leggings and tights. Maybe I’ll go on a hunt for a slightly longer pair.

shorts-jones new york, thrifted; top-esprit, thrifted; turtle neck, thrifted
How has the first month of the year treated you? Have you started to fulfil you new year’s resolutions? I’ve been working on mine and as the dates got further and further from 1st of January, it got harder and harder. But I will not give up:)
I hope you’re having a great week and a great start of the month.

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