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OUTFIT: Corduroy and Suede

Before I start this post, I need to say something. When I bought these boots, two days before I left India, I was so happy with them, until I came to Nairobi and found them on everybody’s feet!! I’ve just been looking at them in my wardrobe not knowing how to wear them in a unique way. I think I’ll change them up with some beads so they don’t look so common. Another thing that sort of rubbed me the wrong way was that people just don’t know how or rather when to wear suede. Suede shoes get ruined with water. That’s why places like Bata sell suede cleaner. This means that they shouldn’t be worn when it’s raining. Yes you want to protect your feet from the wet and the cold, but suede is not the way to go about it. Turn to pleather or leather.
Enough of my venting, I wore this for a trip to the salon to get my very horrid looking hair done. I’ve been postponing a visit to the salon for so long that my brother even told me not to visit him at the office because my hair was embarrassing. So I finally did something about it. I wore my checked corduroy pants which were a gift from my boyfriend, with a black graphic t-shirt that I absolutely love. I added an orange sweater for warmth and to add a pop of colour to my outfit. 

 For accessories, I gravitated towards black and silver, as usual. I promise that from now on I will not buy any more black clothes or accessories. I wore a black and silver necklace and ring, with black earrings. I carried my black handheld bag and black suede boots.

Outfit Details:
Checked black corduroy trousers: gift
Graphic t-shirt: gift
Orange sweater: gift
Suede boots: India
Necklace: gift
Ring: India
Earrings: gift
Handbag: gift
Happy Wednesday

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