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Baby girl at 17 months

Hi guys. Elly is now 17 months old (as of yesterday) and to say that I am amazed at how fast she is learning things is to put it mildly. As she grows, the days have become more and more alike. When she was younger, it was harder to establish a routine but with time we have both come to form a routine.

Baby girl at 9 months

We wake up at between 6:30 a.m and 7:30 a.m. This time is dictated by what time baby girl wakes up. There are days when she will wake up earlier, I have noticed she is usually hungry and then there are times when she sleeps in and wakes up at about 8 a.m.
Once we have given each other kisses and hugs and she has told me a few stories (isn’t baby talk the cutest?!), I help her put on her house shoes and sweater/jacket as the house is quite cold. Once she is ready, we go to the sitting room to play/watch The Wendy Williams’ Show. Elly uses this time to spread her toys all over and bring me a few of her favourite dishes so that we can play.
Breakfast follows. We rotate between Weetabix and porridge. Meal times are a huge fight in our house. Elly is anti-food meaning that when she sees her plate steaming with food she runs away. I sometimes have to chase her around the house so that she can eat!
Once we have endured the breakfast ordeal, I prepare her bath. Elly loves to play with water so I guess bath-time is her favourite time of day. Once I have bathed her, I let her play in the water for some time. It is at this time when I make the bed and pick out something for her to wear. Getting baby girl out of the bath is another fight. I think Elly likes fighting with me, lol! I dress her and lately, when it comes to time to put on her jacket/sweater, she runs away! And this leads to another chase around the house.
On most days, Elly goes to sleep soon after her bath. I usually breastfeed her and nurse her to sleep. Sometimes she still wants to talk and play, but on most days she falls asleep immediately. I use this time to prepare for my day: I get ready, prepare clothes for delivery or to take to the shop, depending on what day it is. I try to leave the house when baby is asleep so as to reduce on the amount of crying. On the days when I leave before she sleeps, she sometimes cries so much it breaks my heart. But mama has to hustle so the separation is unavoidable.
When I get back home in the evening, we usually just hang out and tell stories/watch telly. At 6 p.m we start making dinner. Elly has reached the age where she imitates everything. She now wants to help me cook mostly to stir the food. I discovered I can distract her by giving her her own sufuria (pan) and cooking spoon to mix her imaginary food on the floor as I cook.
Once dinner is ready, we set the table, yes, Elly helps and has broken a number of plates too! We then have our last food fight for the day. Once dinner has been hard, baby girl plays a little but usually she is exhausted and we go to bed at around 9pm.
This is what a typical day is like for us. As you might have noticed, I only get a few hours to myself in which I can work/meet up with friends. But this is a post for another day.

Love and light from Elly and I! Thank you for stopping by.

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