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OFFICE INSPIRATION: Colour-blocked Skirt + Lace Dress as a Top

Hi all!!! I hope your week has started on a good note. I am so tired of the conventional office-wear that consists of pant and skirt suits in greys, blacks and navys. I own one suit which I will never wear as one. So this morning I got a brain-wave to wear my  colour-blocked skirt with a black lace top to work. At first I was afraid of wearing so much colour to the office but I decided to step out of the box and be daring. Who said office-wear has to be dull and conforming to what everyone else chooses to wear?

  I absolutely love this skirt last worn here and here! I can’t say it enough. When I wear it I feel instantly cheerful and I can’t imagine having a bad day while I’m wearing it.

 I paired it with my new lace dress which I wore as a top. Yes, I’m wearing a skirt and a dress. Who says I can’t pull it off?? It’s called extending your wardrobe beyond what it currently is. I added this embellished sweater because the weather seemed undecided and I don’t believe in freeze and shining.

 Outfit Details:
Skirt-gift from Spain
 Lace dress-Gikomba Market, 
Heels-Nairobi streets
Earrings, Bracelets, Ring-gifts

 I bought these heels for KSh. 100 on the street opposite Khoja Mosque. I was drawn to them because they are leather for starters and the strap detail on the front and pointy toe set them apart from the crowd. I just love living in Nairobi!! I don’t have to think so much about buying anything because they come so cheap.

 Because I wanted the different elements of my outfit to stand out on their own, I kept my jewellery simple with loop earrings, a butterfly bracelet and a Indian purple bangle I was given as a gift. This handbag is one of my favourites. It has enough room even for my flat shoes which I have incase the heels get too much.

 Oh and today I styled my braids!!! My lil’ sister will be so proud!! I have finally managed to take my outfit photos of the day and post them on the same day!! Yay!!!! But this is the first day but I hope to make this permanent.
****Please bear with the unclear photos. I’m working on getting a new camera soon.

Would you wear a dress as a skirt or a top?? Let me know in the comments.
 Happy Tuesday!! 

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  1. Gigi

    I'm a big fan of colorful outfits.

  2. Audrey Masitsa

    @Gigi I used to be afraid of them but now I love them!

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